ICF v roku 2014 spustila vzdelávanie pre koučov na tému ako nastaviť svoj biznis. V archíve si môžete pozrieť prezentácie na témy:

- Attracting More of Your Clients Online – Steve Mitten, MCC, CPCC

- Personal Branding for Coaches: Stand Out. Attract Ideal Clients. Expand Your  Practice. –William Arruda

- Marketing Q&A Call (two sessions recorded) – Steve Mitten, MCC, CPCC

- Insider Secrets to Working a Room for Fun and Profit – Leni Chauvin

- Finding Your Dream Niche – Steve Mitten, MCC, CPCC

- Win more clients and get paid more: with ROI of Coaching – Lisa Ann Edwards -

- Step out online with video and let the world connect with you! - Catharine Fennell


V roku 2015 sa chystá ďalšie pokračovanie. Viac informácií nájdete na:http://www.coachfederation.org/events/landing.cfm?ItemNumber=3318&navItemNumber=3319

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